Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fill in the Blank

I have a new Production Assistant who works for me and has expressed his desire to know more about films and actors. In fact, he wants my help creating a list of "movies he needs to see" and "actors/directors he should be familiar with". As he is practically a baby, his lack of knowledge in this area is understandable and yet very sad to me. He has much to learn.

So I've put together a word puzzle of sorts. Once he can fill in the gaps in the following paragraph without going to IMDB, then maybe I can send him off into the real world. Of course this is by no means a classical exercise, but a train of thought anyone should be able to follow...right?

Fatal Attraction starred the male actor ---. Who is married to ---. Who starred in the musical ---. Which also featured a petite blond, ---. Who is most known for her portrayal of the title character in the adaptation of the British book, ---. Which features two well-known British men. One is known for his bumbling romantic comedies and his personal drama with a prostitute. The other --- is known for playing Darcy in the BBC miniseries of ---. Which was recently remade featuring another British actress ---. Who is known for her appearance in the swashbuckling trilogy ---. Which has the main character played by the always cool ---. Who is a favored actor of the auteur ---. Who likes to use his wife in his films including the adaption of Big Fish which features --- as the young hero. Who also appeared in the fantastic musical about that famous red windmill alongside ---. Who was once married to the now famous Scientologist ---. Who was in an odd remake of a Spanish film with a woman who has the same sounding last name (and whom he was also involved with in real-life) named ---. Who was in a Woody Allen film with Javier and this curvy actress, ---. Who is married to the abdominal wonder, ---. Who was recently in a rom-com with this year's Oscar winner, ---. Who did her time in far worse fair like this 90's rom-com featuring the use of potions ---. And one of the character's love interests (whom she also dated in real life) was ---. Who starred as the often looked-over and now dead law partner in Damages. Which starred the powerful and scary ---. Who was the female lead in Fatal Attraction.

I don't think that's too much to ask.

Surely my few blog readers can fill in the holes (and correct my who/whom grammar).