Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cable Off, DVDs On

So the Oscars are done for another year. And again, I've barely seen any of the Best Picture nominees. So I finally broke down and signed up for Netflix. Yes I know, I'm only ten years behind the ball on this one. I've just had so much TV to watch. But quality TV seems to be dwindling a bit for me and I don't really go to the movies much anymore since I mainly have married friends with kids. So, I'm taking a cue from my friend Chad and checking out a number of films from AFI's top 100 that I've never seen. My queue filled up fast. One of the first from the list - Raging Bull. How have I never seen this? I give my students such a hard time about not knowing this or that movie, and yet I'm lacking. And I've been told I must see Gaslight and Rebecca. They're on the list.

So, any suggestions? What is on your list of must see movies?