Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Desperate Attempt For Viewers

Oh, Julie Benz… I’m a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, so I know Julie Benz from her Darla days, but bringing her onto Desperate Housewives as a lesbian, ex-stripper shaking things up on Wisteria Lane – just makes me a little sad. And why oh why do writers feel they need to make a main character go gay for a little while? I’m sick of shows doing this. It’s all a ratings ploy. Just make the character gay or not gay. Why must a main cast member go through a confused stage (like Angela on Bones)? Of course Buffy had Willow do the same. And people revolted at first because they loved Oz so much – but fans ultimately accepted this shift. This is why I discovered, when switching around TV that LOGO now plays Buffy. “Ooh, Buffy’s on? Why is it on LOGO? Oh right, Willow was gay. ”

I don’t even know why I watch Desperate Housewives anymore. I guess it’s only because of Felicity Huffman. But even though I think she is by far the best actress on the show, her character can annoy me. Why DO I watch this show? Routine I guess. It all goes back to routine for me. I stick with shows even when they start to disappoint. I need to set a factor that will help me leave them. If the show starts doing such-and-such, then it’s okay to abandon it. I have a friend who does this. If a show stays on her DVR for more than a week without being watched, then she and her husband delete it and never look back. I can’t do this. I love having the shows pile up on the DVR and look forward to watching them. A full DVR makes Jessy happy.


Mil said...

Jessy's a blogger! I love it. I hate Bob Costa, too. He annoyed the heck out of me when I lived in the US. That's why I had to move. I agree about the gay character thing. Like No. 13 on House. Such a desperate attempt to make people watch for the girly bed scenes. Bring back Chameron. Chase is Carey Elwes revisited. Haven't watched the Olympics much, but I think each country is gonna talk about their own. There's a Franco-American who won some stuff. Maybe will be a role model for bi-cultural JuJu. Keep writing. Even if I don't know the show, it helps catch me up.

Jessamyn said...

There was a French figure skater who skated to a compilation of Amelie music.

Click on the video for his Free skate.

rhianjane said...

I didn't watch Dexter, but I've read that Julie Benz was great on that show--she was often described as the heart and the sweetness to that otherwise violent show--and then was summarily dispatched in a season finale. Too bad she's being wasted on Desperate Housewives in a silly character. She deserves better.

Did you know that Felicity Huffman one time sort of stole a job from your actress aunt? I'll have to tell you about that sometime (what little I know about it). Let's just say that if things had turned out differently, maybe your aunt would be on DH right now.