Sunday, May 23, 2010


Glee directed by Joss Whedon! Woo hoo! I saw Joss Wedon's name on the opening titles of Glee this week and found myself watching the whole episode looking for signs of his directorial genius. I think I saw it - but maybe I'm fooling myself. I think his use of exterior and non-school shots was good. Glee is afraid to get outside of that High School. But this week we were treated to an outside walk and talk, a bar scene, a mall scene, and an awesome sing off with Will Schuester and NPH on a fake Les Mis stage. I enjoyed this "Dream On" episode. I especially liked the use of hand held consumer cameras in the shopping mall scene to help the layman understand the fakeness of the scene. Good job Joss! I hope this can hold you until your next big thing. Whatever it is, I'll watch it.


richard said...

yes! and the safety dance sequence was AWESOME.

(nice blog! big TVphile, friend of chad :) )

Lindle said...

We enjoyed the dance in the mall scene very much too--so free and fun. You could tell a lot of locals were persuaded to boogie along. And it is exciting to hear the Glee cast put new spins on old songs--making them even better in some cases. "Dream On" duet was also terrific, but I was disappointed in the duet between Rachel in her mom. It's such a fantastic song, and there were parts that seemed sort of forced. I don't want them to get too aware of themselves. Keep it fresh, innocent, and it will win every time.
Go, Joss!