Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cable Off, DVDs On

So the Oscars are done for another year. And again, I've barely seen any of the Best Picture nominees. So I finally broke down and signed up for Netflix. Yes I know, I'm only ten years behind the ball on this one. I've just had so much TV to watch. But quality TV seems to be dwindling a bit for me and I don't really go to the movies much anymore since I mainly have married friends with kids. So, I'm taking a cue from my friend Chad and checking out a number of films from AFI's top 100 that I've never seen. My queue filled up fast. One of the first from the list - Raging Bull. How have I never seen this? I give my students such a hard time about not knowing this or that movie, and yet I'm lacking. And I've been told I must see Gaslight and Rebecca. They're on the list.

So, any suggestions? What is on your list of must see movies?


Chad said...


Just go down the API list and watch what interests you. But also try to balance it out with some silly stuff as well.

I've given up trying to watch the Best Picture nominees ahead of time and just watch the winners the next year and I suggest trying the same.

Mil said...

And did you like Raging Bull? I don't know if I seen it either. It's true we mustn't forget the oldies but goodies. I think you and I have seen many of the same things. I hear a lot about The Unbearable Lightness of Being. That's a film, right?

Lindle said...

Days of Heaven
Local Hero
Dr. Strangelove
Coal Miner's Daughter
Those are some off the top of my head...movies that have stayed with me. But you know films resonate differently to each of us.

Jessamyn said...

So far I've seen Despicable Me, Rebecca, Raging Bull and Easy A. So I definitely mixed some fun in there. But Raging Bull was good -intense and at times hard to watch. They are so horrible to the women in that movie! But it's a very interesting character study - and I see early Scorsese trends. Rebecca was good and boy do I get Mrs. Danvers references now. I need to borrow Dr. Strangelove from you mom1

Lindle said...

Dr. Strangelove--Anytime---and I need to borrow Adventures in Babysitting (another one for fun--along with Goonies). Sometimes we just want to have fun at the movies, don't we?

Mil said...

Yes, Easy A was actually pretty cool. Now down to serious business! Please do your seven things list 'cause I'm getting impatient!