Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Real (although brief) Suspense on 24

Way to step it up 24. (Spoiler Alert...) An EMP at CTU! That's the best bit of action and drama I've seen from this show in awhile. And I love that EMP is a part of our vernacular now. There are enough Sci-Fi and geek movies out there to have electromagnetic pulse be something that average viewers understand and fear in our digital age. Now if only 24 would get rid of that silly story with Katee Sackhoff. Ooh, maybe the EMP will get rid of her incriminating metadata :)


Lindle said...

These days I am usually groaning in misery at the plot line of 24. Just how CAN Bauer function with that deep stab wound to his side several hours ago, and what kind of high-security facility would let a "probation officer" roam around its classified high-tech space???
The EMP was finally an act of God. Shut them down--they are worthless these days! To think our national security is jeopardized by such a wimpy woman (Sackhoff). Women should be angry at their depiction this season. Boooooo.

Lindle said...

Love your new photo-graphic, Jess!