Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Olyphant - need I say more

Can we all just take a minute to pause and admire Timothy Olyphant. No, seriously! Stop and just think... ah that was nice. Such a lovely fellow to look at! And oh, how I love his cool brooding nature.

I'm glad to see him on Justified. I think it's a role he does quite well. Now let's take a moment to mourn the long departed Deadwood where Olyphant mastered the quiet yet stern man of the law. I hope Justified will last - even if it does have the bucktoothed Walton Goggins whom my mother hates. He's so good at evil/creepy... Family Meeting anyone?


Lindle said...

Yes, we all need those Oliphant moments. I love his cool, understated style--that gentle, wry humor he brings to Rayland, his Justified character. Now, as for Goggins--he does his "evil/creepy" bit well. I don't hate him. His teeth just scare me, that's all. Hmph.

Mil said...

Not bad. I assume you mean let's pause to appreciate his appearance...The buck-toothed one has wild hair, too. Like your new pic for the title! Does it come from your studio...? PS: JuJu says "Jeh-tee" when she sees your pic on the blog.

Chad said...

Haven't watched the show but it seemed like a role he would be perfect for.