Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am quite upset at the impending end to LOST. I mean, I've had some shows I really loved that I felt were looked over, the critical darlings that I wish more people had watched (but maybe secretly was okay that only a small group loved and I was a part of that group - the secret club that GOT the show). Bus LOST is something very different for me. And it's different for broadcast TV. It has a huge following - and although some people abandoned it because it got too heady or sci-fi - to be six years in and have this kind of devotion on TV is rare. And we're all in this boat together, waiting to arrive at our destination and hoping it will be everything we thought it would be.

But, I honestly don't care if the show answers all the questions it's raised. It doesn't matter. I watch with great excitement - literally clenching my fists at every commercial break that I have to wait a few minutes for the return or in disbelief of what little secret they've just given us. They've taken me on a journey of incredible characters, intriguing science, themes of choice and redemption. And I'm there. I'll be there at the series ending giddy, anxious, sad to see it go. I'm sure the last show will make me cry, smile, and then leave me to overcome a brief depression from its absence. And I don't feel ashamed that this show has affected me or so many people. It's the mark of a good story, and good storytellers when the audience is left feeling this way. It's a beautiful piece of art - one I feel fortunate to have gazed upon.


Chad said...

Right there with you.

The one thing I do find odd about Lost is that I now care more about the non-"main" characters (Desmond, Penny, Faraday, Eloise) than the supposed main ones. Not sure what that says.

Lindle said...

Maybe we have main-character fatigue, and the interesting, quirky, spicy ones in the periphery are more intriguing. I'm still fond of Hurley, and even the ghost-seeing guy is more fascinating than Kate.
Overall, Jess--it has been a great ride of storytelling, and I'm anxious for them to tie it all up in the right kind of bow. I don't want them to disappoint us here--they've promised us much.

Jessamyn said...

I think Faraday, Desmond, and Penny bring a honesty and heart to the show that we don't routinely see with Jack,Kate, and FakeLocke. They are too focused on their redemptive story lines. They have to figure out their paths and make the right choice on the island. And people like Juliette and Desmond help make those choices more clear for everyone else, while providing us with the heart of the show. Maybe.

Lindle said...

You have a good take on that. Desmond, Penny, and Juliette are the rogue factors. While everyone else is stepping carefully around the jungle, they are catapulting in with more of a wilder approach. Do you think the writers planned for Jack to be the heart of the show? Is he the centerpiece? The island isn't "through" with some of these characters, but doesn't it seem like it centers on him? Just a question.