Sunday, December 12, 2010

Okay Already

I keep a notepad by the sofa in case anything sparks a rant in my head or I see a touching moment.

I wrote down "This is blackmail!" "Yeah, I got an app for that, homes." I'm not sure what this was from or whether or not I was amused or appalled by its use.

I just haven't felt inspired to write about anything. Maybe because I'm having one of my periodic musings about the frivolous nature of my chosen hobby. I continue to argue that TV and certain shows have merit and I'm not ashamed of my addiction... and yet isn't addiction when too much of something interrupts or prevents you from living a life? Should I start a TV Anonymous? "Hi, I'm Jessamyn, and I'm addicted to TV." "Hi, Jessamyn!" Of course our group would probably tape our meetings and stage them as a one-camera dramedy with slow dolly shots and intense reverse close-ups. Our chosen director would ask, "Is that a tear forming on her face? Push in close and get that shot."

Sample dialogue: "Your addiction to reality TV is hurting your family Susie. They can't maintain the drama and fighting you're asking of them." or "You have to stop these constant pop culture references Tom. You're ostracizing everyone around you and making them feel inadequate." Or maybe someone would open up on a very "special" episode and reveal their binge on a Lord of the Rings marathon and everyone would have to rally to get them back on the wagon by hiding all the remotes.

Stay tuned... as I will have more posts to follow soon. I promise.


Lindle said...

The reality show filming the reality show filming the reality show. Are we making movies in our heads in the middle of Wal-Mart? Is brushing your teeth at night a commercial moment? You may be addicted, but you are SOOOO good at it. Very funny, girl!
It shapes our daily culture, this media. It shapes lives. Sad,but true.

Mil said...

I think I smell a short film idea for this dramedy. But when would you find the time to do it with all the TV watching? TV addiction is still better than other addictions: smoking, drinking, shopping. Just watch out for the sedentary lifestyle. Install a treadmill in front of the TV and you're set!