Sunday, April 3, 2011

7 Things

My sister nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award. Stylish, I'm definitely not. But I'll follow her rules and tell you seven things you may not know about me.

1. I adore Taco Salad. I make it once a week and enjoy mixing taco seasonings from Old El Paso or my growing Penzy's Spice collection. Onion and garlic get mixed in and then come the staples of tomato, lettuce, salsa, and avocado (when in season). All on a bed of crisp tortilla chips. My roommate Sara used to marvel at how huge my plate was on these nights. I can take down some taco salad.

2. I'm starting to hate yard work. I can at times find it relaxing or numbing, but mostly it is a chore. Mowing the grass every weekend in the Summer and trying to keep up with edging, trimming, weeding, pruning, the Jones's next door... it's tiring. And my neighbor really does force me to keep up. Once, I was chatting with him about one of my side yard bushes and how I needed to trim it. And I said "I'm not sure what that bush is called." His response - "neglect."

3. I listen to melancholy and depressing music. It speaks to me. Bands that fit in this category are often British, like Muse, Depeche Mode, and Morcheeba. Although Muse can be energetic and inspiring, it's still moody - just the way I like it. Bubblegum pop is nice to sing along with in the car, but Aqualung or VAST bring me back to a place I feel more comfortable in.

4. Like my sister, I too have red-head envy. I only have touches of red in my hair - it's not enough. I hate being referred to as a blonde and would much rather be brunette or at least dirty blonde. But a deep auburn... that would be lovely. I already have the pale skin to go with it - just need a bit more of the pheomelanin pigment.

5. I personify the world around me. Equipment at my job is usually male. "He spit out a tape. He (my editing software) is being very picky today." And I talk to the flowers in my yard and encourage them to grow. "Come on little buddy."

6. I have some OCD issues. Nothing debilitating, but obsessive nonetheless. I also get weird about efficiency with normal everyday things like cleaning. I have to clean a certain way. Dusting first - so the dust falls and then I will vacuum and sweep it up. And when I put things away, I must collect all the pieces and then deliver them to the rooms in order down the hall - none of this going back and forth. It's not that bad really. Just a preference. I don't flog myself if I forget.

7. And obviously, I have an unhealthy obsession with TV. So much so, that lately, it can be the highlight of my day. If I'm bored at work or not enjoying whatever task I'm working on, I will realize that "Glee is on tonight", and suddenly be much happier knowing I have that to look forward to. This might say many things. Maybe I am unhappy with my job, maybe I need a life, maybe I'm a bit lonely and wish I had a family to go home to instead of my TV and cat... maybe, just maybe it means quality TV can enrich our lives... I think I'm stretching on that one.

Well, I did yard work yesterday, so now I'll go make taco salad in the proper order while listening to Muse and then watch Sunday evening programming on Jose (my TV). Just kidding, he doesn't really have a name.


Courtney said...

Awwh I miss you!! I definitely knew most of these things about you. I forgot about taco salad and how objects have a gender. Don't feel bad about getting excited about glee etc..I do the same thing!

Mil said...

Well, I knew most of these things about you, too. But not about the hall rule. I try to be organized like that but I'm mostly back and forth and not efficient. I dig me some melancholy music, too. I definitely think good tv can make a bad day better. We've got to find things to look forward to. Thanks for your seven things!

Lindle said...

I enjoyed reading things you don't often tell your own mother....and as a mother, I have to resist the temptation to give advice (you can put auburn highlights in your hair, you know...)Yes, you have an increasing number of objects that are turning into "little men." Hmmm...a desire to put them in their place perhaps???? You are definitely OCD when it comes to guacamole dip--what's up with the resmoothing of the surface EVERY time? Love you and your eccentricities anyway--that's what makes you YOU!